Associate Consultant

MC Associate Consultants garner invaluable experience by applying their teamwork, communication, and critical analysis skills to real consulting projects for to small to medium businesses. You will have firsthand client interaction, project ownership, and real insight into how to be a consultant. MC embodies the "Learn by Doing" philosophy of Cal Poly. Join us in turning your personal and academic strengths into real world business solutions.


Benefits of Joining?

MC's culture is a highly collaborative and competitive one. This type of environment is something that few get to experience during their college tenure. Moreover, MC is the perfect gateway from learning concepts in the classroom to applying those fundamentals into real world situations. Upon the application of concepts, everyone on the team gives and receives invaluable feedback and resources necessary for improvement. Every MC member and alumni is a resource that can be tapped to ensure success.

MC has a track record of success. Our members have excelled at the likes of...


What We Search For

  • Active interest in problem solving & critical thinking

  • Ability to grasp and apply new concepts rapidly

  • Strong track record showing success & innate drive

  • Dedicated to a team mentality and team success

  • Passion to improve oneself and others personally & professionally

  • Genuinely good & supportive people



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